Your favorite music should follow you where you go in your home, not require you to go where it is. Have a yen for Bach in the bathtub? Clapton in the conservatory? What about both at the same time? An elegantly simple touch panel or iPad puts music at your fingertips.


Imagine ALL your favorite music at your fingertips (and your entire family’s)...

Not just in the same location, but all available at the same time. You'll never have to change discs or wait for CD’s to load again. Perhaps you’d like to see all possible choices by your favorite performer, or simply feel like a little smooth jazz? You will love a well designed distributed music system.


Watch the video to get a sense of what 'Savant' (one of our key partners) has to offer 

Sound without limits... with newer digital technologies, the possibilities are almost endless...

Want privacy? Multi--zone capabilities mean that you can have your choice of music, while at the same time others are enjoying theirs. Have your entire musical collection in one convenient location without equipment taking up space or needing storage in multiple rooms.