"In April of 2010 Architronics completed the installation of a comprehensive automation system on our residence. The installation included lighting control, automated blinds, a whole-home HD video distribution system, a camera-distribution system, a whole-home music distribution system, a Telephone Sustem with gate interface, and an advanced computer network. Architronics delivered the project on time and on budget. 

Throughout the process from the design phase through to completion, Architronics’ project managers, installers, and programmers acted in a highly professional and customer-friendly manner. They integrated with the construction team and all of the trades on site in a transparent manner ensuring, as the owner, I was insulated from any issues occurring during the installation. 

Having worked with other companies in the past, Architronichs stands out as a clear leader due to their outstanding level of customer service and assurance. Architronics customer service staff has been available to us as required addressing any questions we had. Although Architronics included a one yea bumper-to-bumper warranty on the entire system, we have seldom required their support. From the time the system was commissioned, it has performed flawlessly and has exceed our expectations.

I highly recommend Architronics to anyone planning to install any type of electronic system in their home. Architronics provided outstanding value for my investment."

- A. Shnaider - Client

"Architronics recently performed an installation at our property ‘Sunset Reef’ in Barbados. This system at the time was the largest of its kind in the world and was, (and still is,) the forefront of the so-called smart house. 

The installation included full AMX Touch Screen, Phast Network, and Lightouch intelligent Lighting System. Virtually every system was integrated into the central AMX Network including, lightening, exterior lightening, A/C system, TV, video and audio controls, security systems, gate access and internal doors with electronic locking. 

All of the above were integrated seamlessly into the AMX system utilizing two-way communications. At the time Architronics had to deal with the following hurdles.

- None of the systems mentioned were purchased specifically to work with AMX.
- Architronics actually took over the job from a previous contractor who had initially made a mess of the job, including all cabling. 
- The local contractors providing the different systems had never had to integrate their products into a system such as AMX, and Architronics were instrumental in educating them in this regard. 

In short Architronics did a sterling job against all the odds in pulling together what is a superb system at Sunset Reef, backed up by maintenance visits and competent after sales service. 

I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who is thinking of taking on a similar project."

- A. Tabor - Client

"Taube and I are very pleased with the surround system your firm installed in our home. There was an initial learning period, but Bob Schmitt your senior A/V technician resolved all of our concerns. The installation was also accomplished with able professionalism despite a few obstacles. We are very pleased with all the components you recommended. Your knowledge of the component market and the advice you gave us resulted in this most satisfying system. We would not hesitate recommending your firm to anyone that asks us."

- S. Zeifman - Client

"We would like to take this opportunity to express to you our sincere gratitude for looking after our electronic needs in both our orthodontic office and our home. We are quite pleased with efficiency of our electronic systems. We are enjoying the control of our lighting and music controls especially. All of the other systems are equally being enjoyed each day. 

All of your staff starting from you Brian, Julian, Paul, Bartek, Matthew, Daniel, Aaron and all others, have exercised the utmost professionalism and expertise on our home. On a personal note, these gentlemen and Bridgette have been kind, courteous and always willing to help us during the time of the installation of the system and most importantly after it was installed. 

For this reason we have give Architronics our highest recommendation to one of the finest interior designers in Canada, Mr. Jeffrey Douglas and his equally outstanding Design Studio. I know that Mr. Douglas has since initiated several projects with Architronics and that he is similarly pleased with your detailed performance. We will continue to recommend Architronics to our professional friends and family.

We now look forward to a successful retention of our system going forward as well as to having Architronics manage our new orthodontic office’s new electronic system in the near future. Once again, thank you for meeting and uniquely, exceeding our expectations."

- D. Vouddouris - Client

"Dear Matthew,

Our experience with you and your company over the last two years has been incredible. At the beginning, we benefited from your product and system recommendations which were different from what we were being offered by others and which better suited to our needs (they were way cooler too!). Throughout the process, your people were knowledgeable, friendly and capable. The installation was timely and meticulous. All issues we had along the way were dealt with immediately and without question (yes, most of the issues were related to our own technical incompetence!). All of the above proved what we suspected to start…the decision to go with you was a very wise one. 

In short, we are delighted Bernie introduced us and that we went with Architronics. Thank you to and your staff fro making the experience a terrific one and providing us with incredible audio, visual and lighting systems."

- M. Buckstein - Client

"Thanks for taking the time to advise on the Apple TV. 

I'm purchasing a new Mac (to replace my old one) and when it arrives in a couple of weeks, I've got an Apple "Genius" coming to my home to help me set it up (with the Apple TV). I took Matthew's advice and bought the 160 GB model. I've also purchased Apple Time Capsule (WiFi and external hard drive of 1 TB) and I want to get the Genius to have it all working in harmony, so it can be a no-brainer for a tech challenged guy like me. 

To enable the Genius to help with the set up, I thought that I'd temporarily hook the Apple TV up to my 42" NEC Plasma that is attached to the 'portable' stand. That way we can ensure it's working etc. 

After that is accomplished, I'd like to book Kevin to install the Apple TV in my AV equipment closet to feed both my 'in wall' 42" plasma and my projector / screen system. 

By the way, I'm still overjoyed with my system. The only issue has been with the Rogers HD boxes (all 3 failed within days of each other at the 2 year point, so no warranty), but not an Architronics problem. I've had you guys in 2 or 3 times for service and your technicians have always been both professional and courteous."


- R. Blakely - Client