Are you planning to renovate your home? Then you owe it to yourself to look into Home Automation to enhance your digital lifestyle. Here are some of the Facts and Myths surrounding Home Automation:    


  • Everyone needs some level of Home Automation 
  • Home Automation enhances the resale value of your home 
  • A good Home Automation system needs to be carefully planned out 
  • Home Automation will save you money on your energy bill and home insurance
  • Home Automation will enhance the enjoyment of your home 


  • I can install my own Home Automation system once my renovation is complete 
  • My electrician or builder can install my Home Automation systems
  • Home Automation is too expensive for me 
  • Home Automation systems are unreliable and require ongoing maintenance.   

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Matt Grosmman (CEO) and the Architronics Team


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