Robb Report: Best of the Best 2012: Kitchen


Architronics deployed the amazing 10-foot-wideinteractive media backsplash in Cameo Kitchens flagship kitchen display.

The technology comprises three individual monitors that are specially configured so that their images abut with less than a quarter-inch gap between the screens; the mounting hardware permits adjustment of the monitors up and down or side to side. The backsplash can be controlled via remote control or iPad (a touch-sensitive screen is optional), and the whole setup can be easily integrated with an existing home network.

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For the first time ever - The IMAX private theater


IMAX is offering a select few the opportunity to be among the first to own the world’s most immersive and luxurious entertainment experience. Custom-designed to IMAX specifications and engineered for perfection, this exclusive offering is truly one of a kind – multi-sensory, immersive, and visceral.

With breathtaking 2D & 3D images, flawless sound and special theatre design to create a more immersive effect, everything about the IMAX Private Theatre is state of the art and custom-designed to deliver the ultimate in-home entertainment experience.

IMAX designs every aspect of the IMAX Private Theatre – from renowned projection and sound technology to the room acoustics and theatre geometry – to work as a fully integrated solution that is optimized specifically for your home.

IMAX’s team of specialists play an integral role in the entire process, working directly with your architects, developers, interior designers, and custom installers to ensure everything is built to IMAX’s exacting performance standards while catering to your specific design preferences.

IMAX’s integrated solution also means one point of contact. IMAX's Commercial Service Center will remotely monitor your entire system 24/7/365 –featuring response times of less than 5 minutes, predictive maintenance, performance tuning and on-the-ground support – so that your system is always running at optimal performance.