Have you ever...

  • Started watching a movie in the Family Room, only to wish you could finish watching in the bedroom?
  • Considered the reassurance of a camera view showing the front door or from multiple locations in and around your home?
  • Wish you could really know that your property is secure when you’re traveling from anywhere in the world? Using a computer or I-Pad/Phone you can easily see what is happening at home.

A “network” is a structure allowing one or more devices to “talk to” other devices. Computers have made the term “networking” common. In Architronics’ world, the possibilities of networked devices goes far beyond merely transferring data files or sharing a printer or accessing the internet.

Structured wiring involves much more than network wires. A detailed wiring plan for your project takes audio, video, communications, cameras, lighting, high-speed data and more into consideration.