Of the various types of systems we design & install, none create the immersible entertainment experience better than home theatre.

Your private cinema may be a great TV and surround audio system artfully incorporated into your family room; or it may be part of an exciting gaming and entertainment space. A dedicated theater is an oasis in the home where the art of film and music can be enjoyed to their fullest by family and friends.

Numerous considerations come into play in the design & execution of home theaters

Performance expectations & equipment selection, user-friendly controls, lighting plan & dimming, acoustical environment & optimization, temperature & ventilation, viewer sight lines and seating, as a few examples, are interactive with architectural and decor decisions. Design planning should begin early in the project. 

We closely work with you and the members of the design & construction team throughout the various stages of the project. By combining your vision with our technical & design expertise, we maximize the quality of the entertainment experience while honouring the architectural environment of your home.

The right equipment

With so many equipment choices, and large volumes of often superficial information, there are few things more valuable than a knowledgeable guide who will assist you through the different technology paths, contributing to your understanding of the many options, and actually listening to your preferences and priorities. 

Acoustics & Interiors

The finest audio system in the world can only deliver a fraction of its’ potential unless acoustics are taken into consideration. Widely regarded as science mingled with a “pinch” of art, the acoustical approach to a room is specific to your room and your priorities.



Style and appearance. A private theater can be an extension of your home décor, or a contrasting oasis, a favorite destination for your family and friends. When assisted by Architronics’ experience, style can mesh seamlessly with jaw-dropping performance.

Free Consultation Offer

If you’re exploring a "big screen" set up, we’d be delighted to provide you with a free professional consultation session at your home or host you at your convenience without any obligation on your part. We're looking forward to hearing from you to schedule an appointment.

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