“Executive” control system

A modern residence has an array of “systems” – lighting, temperature, security, audio & video, and more. Managing these systems simply and intuitively is easily done with an “executive” control system. Shutting down the room, or perhaps most of the house at night? Just one press of your custom-designed touch-panel screen, programmed to suit your preferences & lifestyle.

The possibilities are nearly endless...

Going away? One touch puts the property in “security” mode, intelligent lighting for an occupied appearance takes over, the temperature is set back, entertainment systems are switched off, the security system is armed, and automatic sunshades continue to protect furnishings. Want to check while away? Secure, private web access confirms the temperature is fine, and the security system is protecting. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Monitoring energy usage in your home is now at your finger tips. You now have the tools to live "Green" and provide you information to minimize your home's carbon footprint. 

The system will coordinate with your lifestyle. If it is a nice day and you want to open the windows for a refreshing breeze rather than air conditioning, the system recognizes your preference and will adjust accordingly. When you close the windows the air conditioning will automatically come on if required.